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Directory of Antiques & Collectables

This section of the directory lists dealers in antiques and collectables, covering a wide range of rare and collectable items. Whether you are looking for furniture, antique clocks, games or artwork select the relevant subdirectory below. If you cannot find the specialism you are looking for, try the general antiques and collectables listing at the end.

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Contemporary and Antique Ceramics, China and Pottery Dealers: Dealers specialising in antique and collectable pottery, china and porcelain ceramics. English designers include Clarice Cliff, Moorcroft and Charlotte Rhead, as well as French Faience - Quimper and Desvres.

English, French and Oriental Antique or Art Deco Furniture: Antique or collectable furniture including English, French and Oriental. Contemporary furniture as well as art deco, antique and replica antique furniture.

Antique Art Deco and Collectable glass: Antique glass and collectable glass, including georgian glass, art deco and art nouveau. French British and English designers including Lalique and Whitefriars glass.

Antique, Art Deco, Replica and costume jewellery and watches: Antique jewellery and watches as well as replica antique and costume jewellery

Antique silver and metalware: Antique dealers specialising in antique or replica silver, gold or other precious metals

Antiques and Collectables: Antiques and collectables dealers specialising in a wide range of collectable and antique or replica antique items, as well as ephemera and memorabilia

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