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Directory of Antiques and Collectables

If you are looking for antiques or collectables of any kind, whether it is antique or rare books, victorian watercolours, edged weapons or fine art or maybe antique games and toys, try the following dealers. For further information on these items, these links may also be useful: BBC Website Guide to edged weapons and antique firearms and BBC Website Guide to collectable toys You might also wish to check out Flyingiron Simulations

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Art Deco Table Lamps, Desk Lamps, Art Deco Lamps Specialist - Delirium Deco Lamps
Specialising in "art deco table lamps" and "art deco desk lamps"

Antique Clocks and Barometers, Repairs, Clock Restoration and Sales, Warwickshire by Summersons
Specialising in "antique barometers" and "antique clocks"

Antiques Centres and Exporters in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds - The Quiet Woman Antiques Centre
Specialising in "antiques centres chipping norton" and "antiques centres oxfordshire"

Tortoiseshell restoration | Bone & Mother of Pearl restoration
Specialising in "tortoiseshell restoration" and "mother of pearl restoration"

Antique Firearms, Flintlock Pistols and Percussion Pistols
Specialising in "antique firearms" and "antique flintlock pistols"

Sporting Antiques | Golf and Tennis Antiques
Specialising in "sporting antiques" and "golf antiques"

Antique clocks - Antique clock dealer and repair
Specialising in "antique clocks" and "antique clock dealer"

Antique teddy bears | Chad Valley and Chiltern bears
Specialising in "chiltern bears" and "chad valley bears"

Vintage pocket watches for sale | Old and Antique pocket watches
Specialising in "vintage pocket watches for sale" and "antique pocket watches"

Antiques in Cheshire, England | Victorian and Wedgwood antique jewellery in the UK
Specialising in "antique jewellery cheshire" and "victorian jewellery england"

Oriental antiques dealer in the UK | Chinese and Tibetan antiquities and curios
Specialising in "oriental antiquities" and "chinese antiques dealer uk"

Antique Furniture, Table Lamps and Decorative Antiques in Oxfordshire - Avrick Antiques
Specialising in "table lamps" and "decorative antiques"

Vintage and Antique Teddy Bear Sales, Antique/Vintage Teddy Bears - Evolution Bears
Specialising in "vintage teddy bear sales" and "antique teddy bear sales"