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Directory of Alexander Technique Teachers

Alexander technique is a form of movement therapy where practitioners instruct on proper posture, coordination, and muscle balance. It teaches more efficient and less stressful ways of carrying the body, through movement and exercise and was developed by F.M. Alexander.Teachers believe that, by achieving postural harmony, we can improve body functions such as circulation, digestion and breathing. It is generally effective in back pain relief as it teaches proper posture. Most practitioners listed on this page are UK based, and most are members of STAT the Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique, which is the world's oldest and largest professional body of Alexander Technique teacher

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Alexander Technique in South Kensington and Chelsea, London - Jean Goodliffe
Key areas covered are Kensington and South Kensington

Alexander Technique, Courses, Lessons and Workshops in Bristol - Tracy Gil
Available in the Bristol area.

Alexander Technique Teacher, Bristol, Bath, Avon - Simon Gore
Available in the Bristol area.

Alexander technique and Craniosacral Therapy in Finsbury Park, North London - Roger Kidd
Key areas covered are North London and Finsbury Park

Alexander Technique for Shieldaig and Inverness, Alexander Technique teacher in the Scottish Highlands
Key areas covered are Inverness and Scottish Highlands

Alexander Technique in Muswell Hill near East Finchley, Alexander Technique Teacher in North London
Key areas covered are Muswell Hill and East Finchley

Alexander Technique teacher in Central Cardiff, Classes for South Wales
Key areas covered are Cardiff and Central Cardiff

Alexander Technique Enfield and Southgate, Teacher in North London
Key areas covered are Enfield and Southgate

Alexander Technique Totterdown, Alexander Technique Teacher South Bristol
Key areas covered are Totterdown and South Bristol

Alexander Technique in Wandsworth, Music Teacher for Putney & Southfields
Key areas covered are Wandsworth and Putney

Alexander Technique near Oxford Street in Mayfair, Alexander Technique Teacher Central London
Key areas covered are Oxford Street and Mayfair

Alexander Technique Consultancy in Windsor, Berkshire and Central London by Alun Thomas
Key areas covered are Windsor and Central London

Alexander Technique, Stress, Well Being in Birmingham by Estella Yu Cauldwell
Available in the Birmingham area.

Alexander Technique Coaching & Development St Albans, London, Potters Bar Hertfordshire
Key areas covered are St Albans and Potters Bar