The BrmmBrmm Motoring Guide to Sussex

Map-of-Sussex,-UKThe county of Sussex can be found in the South East of England, bordered by Surrey, Kent, Hampshire and the English Channel. It has, in times gone by, ábeen a key location foráthe major invasions of Englandáincluding the Roman invasion of Britain and the Battle of Hastings. áDivided for modern local government into West Sussex, East Sussex and the city of Brighton and Hove.

The Landscape of Sussex is stunning, witháthe high grassland of theáSouth Downs, flatter arable land to the north and numerous seaside resorts. Sussex can also boast seven natural areas having been declared by Natural England. The mostáfamous of which perhaps being theáSeven Sisters marking the point where the South Downs meet the Sea. Also deserving a mention is the South Downs themselves, Beachy Head and Romney Marshes.

West Sussex is the home to the Goodwood Estate – one of the finest sporting estates in the world. Goodwood House has a wonderful display of artwork, as well as its rich history in Motorsport, horse racing, aviation, and golf.

If you find yourself in the Brighton area in May, watch out for theáBrighton Festival. Thereáis a variety of art and culture celebrations atánumerous locations in and around Brighton and Hove and events include music, theatre, dance, circus displays, art, film, literature, debates and family events so there is plenty to see and get involved in.

Witháthe largest number of country lanes anywhere in the United Kingdom, Sussex is the perfect destination for aároad trip. Easily accessible from the M25 various routes travel south towards theáthe A27 running from east to west and giving access to the various coastal resorts in the county.

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