BrmmBrmm Motoring Guide to Edinburgh


EdinburghEdinburgh, the showcase capital of Scotland, is a cultured, cosmopolitan and historical city. Sitting on extinct volcanoes and rocky crags which rise out of the relatively flat Lothians, makes for a stunning setting. As a city it has it all, wonderful architecture, shopping, historic attractions, restaurants and cafes, and gardens to loose yourself in.

It is a city of contrast, steeped in history from the dignified Georgian avenues and terraces of the New Town to the cobbled streets of the Old Town. The New Town which itself dates back to the 18th Century, lies to the north boasts Grecian-style town houses that line elegant streets crescents and squares. The Old Town is indisputably medieval and is home to Reformation buildings, narrow closes, turrets and plenty of dark corners to explore. It is this part of the city that has inspired many works of literature, such as Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the Rebus series by Ian Rankin. The city’s ability to inspire such literary imagination has led to it being being named a “World City of Literature” by UNESCO, the same organisation which had previously awarded World Heritage Status to the City, in recognition of there being over 4500 listed building throughout both Old and New Towns.

The Edinburgh Festival, which is in fact, a series of festivals, is held in August and early September and makes up one of the largest arts productions in the world. The official side has a set programme of opera, ballet, theatre and dance, and the “fringe” side which is continuing to grow in popularity.

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