The BrmmBrmm Motoring guide to Scotland

1721 Map of ScotlandWhat do you think of when you think of Scotland? Historic castles, beautiful lochs and mountains, traditional Highland Games, movie sets, or all of the above?

Scotland offers a fantastic mix of stunning scenery fromáhistorical towns such as Edinburgh to remote Highland islands where you will be lucky to see another soul. Magnificent wildlife that can be appreciated in its natural habitat and local produce where you really can taste the difference be it fish and chips, game or local whisky.áScotland has a thriving cultural and arts scene and can boast being home to the world’s festival capital, as well as hosting a great diversity ofásummer festivals and an eclectic range of theatre and dance, from traditional to modern.

Driving around Scotland is an absoluteápleasure. There are so many roads to explore where you can get off the beaten track and find those unexpected hidden gems, although, even the major A roads offer scenery so stunning you will be stopping around every corner to take another photo!

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