The BrmmBrmm Motoring Guide to Islington

Islington sunset II

Islington, also known as Angel Islington, is a young district, well known for its cultural arts and independent theatre. It has a charming history of antiques and is a great base for a visit to London, with its great transport links and is only a short trip away from the City of London and the West End.

The London borough of Islington only came into being in 1965 when the Metropolitan Borough’s of Islington and Finsbury were united as part of a wide reaching re-organisation of London’s boroughs. The history of Islington is however, one of the oldest in London, being mentioned in the Domesday Book in the 11th century as well as in an earlier Anglo Saxon records. One early writer describes it as “…a savage place, a forest full of the lairs of wild beasts, where bears and wild bulls roamed. On the edges of the forest was a pasture for hogs.”

Here is a quirky fact for you about the Angel tube station at Islington: it has the longest escalator on the London Underground with 318 steps, and in 2006 a Norwegian man hit the headlines after he skied down it. (I wouldn’t recommend you try this though!)

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