The BrmmBrmm Motoring Guide to Lincolnshire

Historical County Of Lincolnshire Map (Lincolnshire Life 07-1971)If you are planning a trip to the East of England, you will find Lincolnshire is well worth a visit. The second largest of England’s counties, it borders numerous counties including Norfolk to the south east and South Yorkshire to the northeast. It also borders Northamptonshire for just 20 yards making it the shortest county boundary.

Originally known as “Lindsey”, Lincolnshire’s history, both past and recentáisádominated by itsáagriculture, as is its landscape. However, the gentle hills and valleys of the Lincolnshire Wolds that run Northeasterly along the county, flanked by the coast, provide a great contrast to this domination of agricultural land. To the south the Wolds, dip down to join the fens, a pancake flat area that crates a natural curve around the coastal Wash.

Lincolnshire is one of our counties that isámade up of A roads andáB roads as opposed to motorways, which gives a perfect opportunity for slowing the pace slightly and drinking in the many varied views of this wonderfuláregion.

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