The BrmmBrmm Motoring Guide to Bury


Bury Black PuddingsIf you are planning a trip to Lancashire and the North West, getting to Bury couldn’t be simplier. It sits at the heart of the North West motorway network and is just half an hour’s drive from the centre of Manchester. Just east of Bolton and close to Rochdale, it is on the edge of the western Pennines and the town itself, is divided effectively into two parts by the River Irwell which flows from north to south through the town.

Bury is surrounded by a number of smaller towns and villages all of which make up the Metropolitan Borough of Bury. In times gone by, Bury was a part of Lancashire and during the Industrial Revolution it became a prominent centre for the manufacture of textiles.  More famous today for it’s open-air market, a very large traditional market in a modern setting that is open on Wednesday’s Fridays and Saturdays. Bury is also well known for it’s notable resident, Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and founder of the Metropolitan Police Service, as well as its supply of a local dish – black pudding – loved or hated it can be served both hot or cold, what’s your preference?

If you like to visit museums, bury is host to the regimental Fusilier Museum and the Bury Transport Museum. If culture is more your thing, how about taking a wander around the Bury Sculpture Centre which has exhibitions featuring some of the most prestigeous scultures from the contemporary art scene. There is no doubt that Bury has plenty to see, do and feast on.


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