Friday 29 May
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The Exmoor Rut

Having been away when most of the summer runs took place and it being 4 years since we last did the Exmoor Run, we decided to give it a go this year. New Club members James & Emma also took part, but unfortunately we missed them at the start and didn’t meet up with them until the end. It was a pity that the run didn’t include designated coffee and lunch stop locations (as we do for P&P runs!) to provide opportunities to get together with other entrants.
The run, organised by The Healey Drivers’ Club, started as usual from Buckfastleigh Railway Station on the South Devon Railway. The River Dart Struggle raft race happened to be taking place on the same day and, as the River Dart is adjacent to the station car park, we could watch some of the rafts struggling with the low water conditions before starting the run.
In previous years the route from Buckfastleigh has headed north-east towards Exeter before turning north to Exmoor. This time we went north to Dartmoor then up through villages of mid-Devon, with only the last third on the west side of Exmoor. Cars were flagged off at one minute intervals to separate them out, but within 2 miles of the start we were part of a 6 car convoy as a result of several entrants making mistakes at the first few junctions in Buckfastleigh!
The Dartmoor part of the run included familiar places such as Dartmeet and Mortenhampstead (where we stopped for coffee), but also took us on roads that were new to us. The middle part of the run, between Okehampton and South Molton went through some very attractive villages and included the obligatory very narrow roads with grass growing in the middle! By the time we stopped for our picnic on Exmoor the sun had gone in and a cold wind sprung up so we sat in the car, but at least it was an Exmoor Rut without rain, or at least we thought until just 3 miles from the end when we had to stop and quickly put the roof up!
The run finished at The Old Station House at Blackmoor Gate on the western edge of Exmoor. Instead of the usual cream tea, there was an excellent spread, which included scones, jam & cream, but also several other cakes & pastries! The drive back from Exmoor was a bit of a drag, but overall an enjoyable day.
Clive & Wendy
Morval Car Show 2014

Looking at the weather forecast for the weekend of Morval Rally when the club members had said they were going on the Bank Holiday Monday, I thought no way I’m going on Saturday when the sun is shining. I Emailed Tony and told him, then realised that he was not going. Ah well ` a senior moment` again!!!
However I then received an Email from Alan, who had also seen the forecast, to say he would be at Route 38 at 0900 on Saturday if anyone wished to join him.
Together with Sylvia I arrived at Route 38 at 0855 and found Ron in the car park, desperate for breakfast I entered the café to find people queuing to be seated.
I have never seen the place so busy, children in pj`s and emmetts returning home or coming into Cornwall.
However a good breakfast was consumed and we journeyed on to Morval to find Alan and Ron parked up on the display field only two cars away.
The weather was good with plenty of sunshine and as usual the show was great, with the usual array of vehicles and stalls, both Alan and I did the parade in the ring to show off our cars, and came away with clean cars which we would not have done if we had gone on the Monday, typical Bank Holiday weather rain, rain and more rain.
Roger Grace

Walkampton Car Show 2014

Julia & myself arrived late at Walkhampton and joined the other 10 club members that were already there. John Holt and John Invest with his wife Linda, our latest new members, arrived to join the band of merry men. The weather was fabulous, and the ice cream man was very busy.
There were about 25 cars in all on show, including tractors and motor cycles. The welly throwing competition went well with partakers throwing the welly backwards instead of forward almost knocking us off our chairs. The band was singing, when they were not partaking of the Burger Bar and BBQ, and the youngsters enjoyed themselves with
The village hall was selling lovely cream teas and all manner of cakes. Sylvia & Roger indulged, but I did not partake as I didn't want to spoil my figure. Another good club day out and enjoyed by all I'm sure. After saying our goodbyes we all made our way home at around 4.30 pm having enjoyed a lovely day supporting our friends Wendy & Tony.
Julia & Terry

Midget at Walkampton Car Show

On 7th September The Walkhampton car show and fun day took place, among the cars on show were four Midgets, 2 B`s and a ZTT supercharged V8 from the Club. Sorry folks I can’t remember all your names so I won’t mention
The weather was kind to us and we all sat round and had a good chinwag. Good food was provided in the village hall together with burgers and hot dogs, plus a bar with music.
All in all a very good and relaxing day and a wonderful way to finish the `show` season.
If you’ve not been before I can recommend it as a wind down day.
Roger Grace

Powderham Car Show 2014

Eleven cars and their occupants met at Tesco`s Lee Mill at 8.45 and the usual chit chat and greetings began. We had not seen the team for a while due to Terry`s operation and he was glad to be driven around in his beloved MG again. the weather was fine with a lovely blue sky with hoods down ready to go except I suggested the others should apply tin openers in the appropriate positions. We set off in convoy to Exeter where we turned off following Ade trusting that he knew his way, (we should  not have doubted his choice as it was a great route) with plenty of winding roads which Julia absolutely enjoyed with beautiful scenery and open areas. We arrived at Powderham castle fields at 10:10am and set up the stand or should I say thanks to all the team as Terry watched them all fight with the lovely gazebo. What a good buy this one is as we were then party to John Hunt driving through the gazebo thinking it was the Powderham tunnel. I think Noel has a picture of this for evidence, luckily avoiding all the mooring ropes, thinking he was back at sea. Wendy and Tony arrived at Tesco’s as we were all leaving and had to try to catch us up arriving twenty minutes after us all, we then all sat down for coffee and a chat and then meandered off to walk around looking at all the wonderful Rolls Royce, Bentleys and wonderful Aston Martins which Terry and I would like to have but there we can only dream sometimes. There were approximately 1500 vehicles there according to one of the stewards and we think that this is the best that the stalls have been for many a year. Clive you could have bought your E-Type for £32,250 looked pretty good but sounded too cheap. We had our usual lunch time gathering and chat, Ron had already had his bacon, sausages and eggs breakfast which smelt ansum. We had thirteen cars showing and were complimented on a good display by one of the stewards. Julia & myself would like to thank Val & Ade for the organisation and all of you for erecting the gazebo and flags etc, also for a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing day in such beautiful surroundings and weather. Here’s to similar at Boconnoc.
Julia & Terry

The English Riviera Classic Car Show "Paignton"

The arrangements were for us to meet at Tesco Lee Mill car park to leave for Paignton in convoy around 9am. The car was pretty ready for the show although James did give the old girl a little polish for good measure. We arrived at Tesco and we were joined by 10 cars from the club, we all had a little catch up a, whilst doing so someone noticed that one of the cars had an leak, whilst looking they were accompanied by a few members to ascertain the problem, this is one of the great things about the club, people have a wealth of knowledge and experiences so if you are having any issues there are people who can offer advice. The car with the leak had to retire for the day as the problem seemed to serious to deal with on the spot.
We all set off from Tesco car park around 9.30am arriving in Paignton around 10.15, we arranged the cars on the stand and put up gazebo and banner, we placed leaflets on all cars promoting the club. The chairs and coffee came out and people sat out with the sun shining. We went off to explore the cars on display. There was a wide selection of cars on display ranging from MG's, Morris Minors, Vintage Fiat 500's, American pick-ups and a Lamborghini.
The sun was shining and there was a large turn out to the show both display cars and also visitors, there were a number of food stands, craft stands, with live music. We took a stroll along the front and even had an ice-cream. We sat by the cars and were approached by an gentleman who was selling his Jaguar and buying an MG, he asked about the club, where we were based, meetings and runs. We told him all about the club and gave him a leaflet off the car. All in all the show was pretty successful due to the amount of cars and visitors, a show we would attend in the future and even the weather held out.
James & Emma

People & Places Run 2014

On a sunny summer’s morning 43 cars were squeezed into the car park at Saltram House, near Plymouth, in preparation for the TVMGOC ‘People and Places’ Run. Although mostly MG’s, there were a number of other marques joining the Run, including a Triumph TR 6, and a Mercedes Sports, with half of the competitors coming from Clubs other than the TVMGOC and from outside of the area, one car even came from Holland! This year the route was to take place in and around our glorious South Devon, covering about 85 miles and offering some spectacular coastal and inland views. With cars being waved off in style by Hilary Medland, we headed off towards Bigbury, via Modbury, but turning off at St Anne’s Chapel to traverse the tidal road towards Averton Gifford – the tide was out – good planning! Our route now took us, via Kingsbridge and many small villages, to Slapton Sands where many cars stopped to have coffee. Whilst there we were able to visit the memorial which is a recovered Sherman Tank from the ill-fated ‘Operation Tiger’, an operation which went disastrously wrong whilst US Soldiers were training for ‘D’ Day. However, on this gloriously sunny day it was good to look out over Slapton Ley (the largest natural fresh water lake in the South West) and on the other side of the road, out into Lyme Bay. After this welcome break, we preceded towards our lunch stop at Dartington Cider Press in the grounds of Dartington Hall Estate, via some very narrow Devon roads through Dittisham, Dartmouth, up the hill past Britannia Royal Naval College, and Totnes. It was interesting to note that the site on which Dartington Hall stands has been occupied for well over 1000 years. Fortunately, facilities have been updated since then with retail shops selling quality clothing, handmade jewellery and ceramics plus two restaurants and outside areas for picnics, thus catering for most requirements. As lunch completed, the weather changed with a few spots of rain but this soon developed into heavy continuous rain – such a shame for the open top cars – on these occasions it’s good to have a coupe!
On leaving Dartington, we proceeded to Newton Abbot, past the Race Course, and then up through the beautiful Teign Valley to Moretonhampstead. This was a great road for sports cars, climbing and twisting, and great fun. From Moretonhampstead we followed the winding A382, glimpsing the large cover over Castle Drogo on the hill (major works currently underway to waterproof the roof of the Castle) before turning finally into the approach road and into the car park of Castle Drogo. Here we met up with all the other competitors at the end of the run and enjoyed a delicious Devon cream tea. The chatter in the National Trust restaurant over tea was a testament to how much the day had been enjoyed by all involved. A huge thank you to Hilary and Clive for organising this splendid run which did indeed show us some of the best features and country-side that South Devon has to offer. Many thanks also to Wendy, for producing the accurate and most informative Route Instructions which contained many interesting facts on the features we passed along the route, without which we would all have been lost! So, not only did we have a successful and enjoyable day’s drive but also raised over £200 for the Alzheimer’s Society – a good result all round.
Peter & Jenny Lainnin

Morwellam Vintage Rally 15th June

Despite being very thinly advertised, this event was well supported with upwards of 100 classic and vintage cars on show. The Hunt family believed that they might be the only supporters from our club, so we were delighted to see at least  6 TVMGOC cars on display including  Julia and Terry, Naomi and Nigel,  Roger and Sylvia and new member Janice in her bright red Midget.
There was even long- time members Roger and Val Fitzsimmons, who we have not seen for ages!  We were later joined by Russ and Debbie Holden, brand new members in their MGF. Sadly they were a bit miffed by the attitude of the organisers who insisted that their car was not yet 25 years old and could not be considered as a true classic and therefore were charged the public rate on entry. However the same organisers had attempted to make the rest of us welcome with 'tidily' personal stickers, maps, and free cups of tea/ coffee, etc.
I suspect most readers have been to Morwellham Quay in the past, but forthose who have not it was once thriving example of Victorian industry and ingenuity, initially the hub for transporting copper from North Devon via the Tavistock canal for smelting in Wales. As the 19th. century progressed manganese was also mined locally, as were large deposits of arsenic. (sufficient to kill everyone on the planet according to the guide!) A trip down the mine in the rickety train is an absolute must. Sadly by the early 1900's world prices for such ores fell to such an extent that Morwellaham went into terminal decline. The Docks silted up and the cottages and industrial buildings succumbed to brambles and general decay.
As long ago as the late 60's archaeological efforts were made to bring Morwellham back to a living museum and great strides were made in the 80's. For many years, Plymouth City Council helped financially, particularly to ensure that the mine was  safe for visitors. Sadly this finance has now been withdrawn and it is down to the few paid employees and small armies of dedicated volunteers to keep this irreplaceable glimpse into our social and industrial heritage alive.
For those of us in the club it was a very pleasant day out, made all the more memorable by perfect weather. If Morwellham Quay decides to offer the venue again next year, I thoroughly recommend it to those of you who missed it this time.
John Hunt

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