Saturday 4 July
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The Club Treasure Hunt on "Drive it Day 2015"

Another well organised event by Clive & Wendy, crossing (nearly) all the bridges over the River Plym to sea! A total of 15 MGs met up at the well used ‘Second Turning Past the Dartmoor Diner’ on Sunday morning the 26th of April. A day of indecisive weather forecasts, and it has to be said, the sky to the south looked rather ominously like a cloudburst was about to occur. The rain held off though, and the cars set off towards Clearbrook and the first clue. After crossing the weak bridge at Goodameavy, the road headed towards Cadover Bridge. Despite having lived in the area for 40 years, I have never been on that road before. Cadover Bridge was followed by Shaugh Bridge, and another clue. A photoshoot by Clive as cars crossed the bridge. This clue evaded a lot of us, and the occupants of the cottage on the right must have wondered what was going on. Wrong cottage! There followed a bit of to-ing and fro-ing until we all found the correct ‘narrow road with passing places’, where we encountered 2 ladies on horseback, then lots of bluebells and primroses, and then the dreaded metal plates Clive had warned us about. Notwithstanding the Road Closed sign, we proceeded.
On arrival at Brownie Cross, we observed John and Joe having a coffee break . We thought at first that they had broken down, but we were waved on. Plymbridge Wood followed, and it was there that some of us put the hoods up on our MGs, as rain seemed inevitable. Meanwhile, however, several members took advantage of the refreshment van with takeaway coffees and ice creams being the most popular. The walk under the railway bridge and across the old road bridge over the river was very pleasant, or so Chris, my navigator, told me! Then back tracking past the Boringdon Golf Club, where we had that super Sunday Lunch in January, (again organised by Wendy and Clive) passing several mini-roundabouts and finally reaching the Big One at Marsh Mills.
Arrival at Marsh Mills saw us cross the fifth bridge over the Plym, and it was on to Laira and the last bridge crossing. The rain started as we traversed Embankment Road, and various clues were picked up on the way towards Plymstock and Hooe.
Hooe welcomed all of us careful MG drivers as we passed through on our way to Mount Batten and Lawrence Road, commemorating Lawrence of Arabia, who served here as AC Shaw in the RAF before WW2. On arrival at the car park just past the Mount Batten Hotel, there were more clues to discover. But Chris & I fell at the last hurdle, it’s sad to relate, despite a good search! Retiring to the hotel for lunch, everyone did manage to find a table, though by no means were we all together.
Wendy worked hard to gather all the answer papers and mark them, and then spent some time going around to talk to everybody as she had a couple of tie-breaker questions. At last the winners and runners up were declared, and the prizegiving ceremony carried out. Clive was again the photographer, and a good time was had by all. The winners were Alan & Alison Colville, who were the only ones to correctly asnswer all the clues, photographed with Clive as they received the
famous trophy. The runners up were Guy Balmer, and his two small daughters, Bea and Ellie, who both received special golden trophies for Youngest Navigator, and Youngest Co-driver.
We were joined on today’s run by John and Helen with their blue MGB roadster, who are members of the MG Owners Club. Apparently they missed the unmarked turnoff for Bickleigh and Roborough and carried on to Beatland Cross, where they unfortunately had their rear bumper and number plate damaged by a rear end shunt. However, they were able to carry on in true MG Owners spirit and joined us all at Mount Batten. I’m sure that we all hope this event will not dissuade them from joining us at the TVMGOC. We would be delighted to welcome John and Helen, and Sarah and Janet to our company.
Well done to everyone and thanks again to Clive and Wendy for yet another excellent event.
Tom Eaves
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