Friday 28 October
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From Mount Edgecumbe to Morval 2016

For many of our members, a visit to Mount Edgecumbe Classic Car Show is often viewed with a sense of ambivalence. On the plus side, and on a fine day, it is an excellent venue, bounded by the River Tamar and scenic Plymouth Sound. 10 acres of prestigious classic cars, picturesque leafy lanes of stalls, live music, entertainment and unusually delicious oriental food outlets*, all contribute towards a memorable day out. (Tip of the day - check your change if you use*!)
However, a less attractive aspect can be the effort to get there. If not forced to brave the ‘rat run’ chaos at Millbrook, a stunning alternative coastal route via the Rame Peninsula is available, enjoying a breath-taking sea panorama, before looking forward to at least a half an hour of patient, nervous, overheated queuing in order to get on to the field. The same applies at the end of the day, when contemplating the journey home. A Le Mans start is recommended at 1530 to beat the rush.
On arrival at the MG stand, Paddie and I found Noel and Kate irritated by a swarm of bikers intent on a take-over bid. Meanwhile Sally and Keith turned up and parked alongside us. They let slip that it was Sally’s birthday and set off to beat the bounds of the beautiful Edgecumbe estate with a picnic. (Oh, what it is to be young!) They were not seen for several hours! We were visited by some past and present members of the Club, either arriving in their everyday car or more adventurously, via the Cremyl Ferry from Stonehouse.
There's no doubt that there has been a subtle change of emphasis over the years amongst the cars on show, in favour of modern muscle-bound beasts. I counted no less than 17 Subaru Impresas, all with bonnets up, revealing what looked like expensive Christmas decorations rather than recognisable internal combustion engines. However, if footballers’ Bentleys, 4.2 litre XK Jaguars, Aston Martins and the odd Roller are your bag, they are there a plenty amongst the 500 or so, more modest offerings. I was particularly taken by a Willies Jeep sporting no less than 3 general purpose machine guns; definitely a case of over-kill. Even the Desert Rats could hardly have afforded such armour!
By comparison, the homespun delights of the Morval Steam Rally, is much more favoured. 8 Club cars entered in convoy on the bank holiday Monday, whilst a further 8 made their way home from a very successful weekend away in South Wales. This was Morval’s 40th anniversary year, and is very much our personal, ‘local’ favourite, Paddie and I having been to 14 of them. Again, the venue is stunning; a south facing field taking in the panorama of Looe Bay and the sea beyond. Yet another beautiful sunny day ensured far more entries than usual. There was much to see and do, without the intimidation of the event being too vast. Interesting local commercials, the ubiquitous fleet of tractors, pipe organs, Irish music, Guinness, proper Cornish food (including Lama burgers), and the comforting put-putting of stationary engines edging the field, made for a village fete
Morval also provides an impressive display ring, where classic cars are invited to parade, driving in opposite concentric circles; dangerous, but great fun. The expression on our honorary 2 year old grandson’s face, Wilson, said it all, whilst our
mascot, Tamar Bobby, tried to leg it through the rear window of the Magnette. Even Alan Short had a bucket list wish granted when he was allowed to drive a classic Massey
Ferguson tractor for the first time.
The organisers have managed to donate over 202,000 to local charities from their profits over the years. Our stalwart members hung on to the bitter end to receive substantial commemorative brass plaques, a practice now dropped by most classic meetings throughout the West Country, except Morval. However, we learned, sadly, the farmer finally wants his field back, but we live in hopes of a suitable replacement venue for next year.
John Hunt
The Walkhampton Village Show 2016

The day was rather overcast but although rain did seem to threaten, it held off until we began to pack up, when a few drops arrived. The field surface was quite solid, which was a doubtful factor after all the rain of the previous day, so all was well. Members of the TVMGOC were in attendance, these being Tony and Wendy with their yellow midget, Alan and Alison with their MGB, John with his white midget, Tom and Chris with their MG T Type TF, John and Beryl with their silver MGF, and Keat with his 1922 Hillman Coupe.
There were 6 Minis of various ages and models, 2 Jeeps, 2 motorcycles, 2 tractors, 2 static engines, and a Honda motorcycle/Volkswagen tricycle combination. In all about 22 vintage and classic vehicles were on show. Various stalls selling toys and nicknacks, ie, a sort of mini car boot sale, a Guide Dog tent, a crockery smashing booth, a bouncy castle, a welly chucking contest, a wet slippery slide,( a long sheet of plastic on a slope covered with water and washing up liquid, down which you slid on your behind. An odd pastime very much enjoyed by our members!) a beer tent, a BBQ with burgers and hot dogs, with fresh tea, coffee and refreshments being available in the
adjacent village hall. A lot of dogs of various breeds and mixtures thereof, all of whom seemed to be well behaved, made up the ensemble. The afternoon drew to a close with the choosing of the best classic car, (for some obscure reason, a Ford was chosen), best classic motorcycle, and best tractor, and finally the drawing of the raffle prizes. As far as I know, none of our members had bought a winning ticket. A jolly good time was had by all.
Tom Eaves
Powderham 2016

The weather the day before Powderham, was terrible, wet, gloomy, poor visibility & grim. So it was with some trepidation that I opened the curtains on Sunday morning, expecting more of the same, I was overjoyed to find it only a bit damp ( it’s amazing how your expectations change after a day of wet gloom).
7 vehicles met in Tesco’s car park at Lee Mill (most with hoods down) for the very pleasant run to Powderham. We made good time & there was only a small queue to get in, we had been promised a larger space this year (as last year had been very cramped) & yes indeed we did have a lovely large space, it did feel a little ‘out on a limb’ but we did have lots of room. We quickly erected the shelter with no problems, John & Paddie then joined us & Janis decided that the cars needed to be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing manner, so we all shuffled round accordingly (& they did look nice) & a rota was organised so that the cars & contents would be constantly supervised during the day.
It was a great day, the sun shone, there were lots of lovely cars, steam & traction engines, some fabulous gypsy caravans, lots of interesting stalls to browse around & very tasty Kellys ice cream. There was also great music from an excellent band & some very melodious singers. (unfortunately the bar had run out of Doom, Neil was gutted). It was such a nice day we didn’t all rush off, some of us waited till the rush had passed & drove back via Dawlish & Teignmouth, a very scenic end to a lovely day.
Best Wishes Pam
Padstow Vintage Rally & Country Fair 2016

Having watched the changeable weather forecast for the preceding week, Val and I decided to go to the Padstow Vintage Rally on the Saturday. A quick call to the other TVMGOC entrant John Hunt followed and we agreed to meet up on site if he was able to attend. The drive down with the roof up was in variable conditions but at least it gave us a chance to test the newly refitted wiper switch, which worked perfectly. Arriving at the site we were directed to the car field and parked up amongst a variety of other makes including quite a few Minis and even a couple of Reliant Robins.
The Car section is a very small part of this particular show which is spread over quite a large site with the main attractions being the Steam Engines and the Country Fair aspects. After a quick look at the site map, we made our way to the Model Tent to meet up with Roger who was displaying his large collection of antique model boats and his police memorabilia from his days ‘on the beat and early motorways’ as a traffic copper. He and Sylvia were camping on site for the weekend and were well set up with just a very short 10 yard stroll between their camper van and the model tent.
After a partaking in the obligatory breakfast bap we explored the various craft tents and stalls before returning to Roger & Sylvia’s camper for a cuppa while one of the heavier showers blew through. The remainder of the day was spent checking out the various country fair aspects of the show that included a wide variety of trades and pursuits such as Thatching, Weaving, Hurdle Making as well as displays of Gun Dog Training and Sheep Herding in the country show ring. Unfortunately we missed taking part in but did see the parade of cars in the Main Ring including an immaculate Model T Ford.
After a final cup of tea with the campers, we headed home to watch the Austrian Grand Prix having had an enjoyable day made more so by the great company. For future years if you fancy a show that is focussed more on the vintage steam vehicles and country pursuits rather than the classic car section then give Padstow a try and you won’t be disappointed.
Val & Ade
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