Friday 1 July
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A Drive It Day & Treasure Hunt

As curtains were drawn early Sunday morning the Sun God was peeping from behind his clouds, but at least it wasn’t raining. In fact as the day went on the Sun God dispersed most of his clouds to reveal a really gorgeous day – just right for a Treasure Hunt.
Del and I planned to be at the meeting venue of TESCOs at Lee Mill about 10 minutes before the allotted time, but on arrival we found most of the participants already there, nevertheless there was still plenty of time to greet everyone and exchange pleasantries. What was nice to see was that Howard’s article in the Evening Herald some time ago had paid dividends, ensuring that a number of people had come to TESCOs just to see our cars. A couple that I spoke to hadn’t even got an MG, but still wanted to see the display – most gratifying. Anticipation of our forthcoming ordeal was growing and eventually we received our verbal briefing from Clive and Wendy, when we were informed that the departures would be strictly controlled. Whist waiting for the nod for our departure some of us attempted a quick preview of the course, but even after pursuing Wendy around the Car Park with threats of violence, nothing was revealed.
Eventually Del and I were given the route and after setting our odometers to zero we
prepared to leave. As we were about to get into our car, however, we noticed that Mike and Julie were not driving their beloved MGBGT. When asked, why not, the poignancy of the day sudden hit us like a wet fish. They had sold the MG in preparation for their emigration to Australia and also we were then reminded that this was Clive and Wendy’s swansong as they prepared for their move to Chichester. Two of our strongest couples were leaving the club for pastures new, and although we obviously wish them well, it is sad when people that contribute so much to the Club have to leave.
Wiping away the tears and drying the inside of the wind screen, we departed the car park and proceeded to the A38. The route of some 30 miles – more for some!! – took us through Ivybridge on to Bittaford, Ugborough, Loddiswell, Churchstow, Modbury, Ermington and then over the A38 and into the Hunting Lodge at Cadleigh Park. The weather throughout was superb and for those of us who still have our open top MGs (sorry Mike and Julie), caps were soon worn to protect the thinning patches!!
The scenery is gorgeous along this route, but there were 13 questions interspersed throughout , so sightseeing was somewhat limited as we struggled to find the required answers. Del and I were doing quite well until we realised that we were looking at the answer to Clue 6 before getting the answer to Clue 5!! Nevertheless the rest of the route went without incident, although the atmosphere in the confined space of an MG was a little tense after Clue 6!! The Hunting Lodge is an old favourite of ours and so we were not surprised with the high standard of the carvery. Clive and Wendy had arranged a private room for us so we were all able to sit together and soon the conversation flowed.
Because Janet was driving to Cambridge immediately after lunch, both her and Howard got their carvery early and were enjoying theirs as we arrived.
It was soon time for tea and medals, and everyone was eager to know the results. It was because of the skill that Clive and Wendy had used to devise this Treasure Hunt that most people had got a lot of the answers to the questions correct, but 6 people had got 100% (nobody likes “inky swots”). As the tension mounted, a tie break question was asked. This had to be a question that involved an estimate and then the nearest would win. The question was, “What was the highest point reached during the Treasure Hunt?” All 6 were quite close, but one couple was almost spot on at 590 feet between California Cross and Loddiswell, and they were Hugh and Bridget. The trophy was presented with the sting in the tail - a reminder that they must do next year’s Treasure Hunt. I’m sure that that won’t bother Hugh and Bridget and all our congratulations go out to them.
Clive and Wendy then invited us all back to “Chez Wilson” for tea and coffees. A small, but select group gratefully accepted and the rest of the afternoon was enjoyed in their sunny back garden accepting their hospitality. Sadly time was marching on and having said our good byes we all wended our weary way home.
What a splendid swansong for Clive and Wendy. Thanks go to them, not only for this day, but also for all the other wonderful events that they have arranged over the years. Their contribution to the club will be sorely missed, but more importantly they will be missed as people and good friends – I’m sure that we all wish them well in their new adventure.
Tony & Del
A Killerton Car Show

On a lovely sunny morning 5 cars met at Tesco Lee Mill to commence our journey to Killerton, some of us were a little late as we hadn’t realised that the A 38 was closed at Marsh Mills for the clearing up job after the blowing up of the old bridge, luckily we were nice & early so didn’t get caught up in the traffic jam.
We collected Jenny & Peter just past Ivybridge & the journey up was pleasant & uneventful, there was a bit of a queue to get in but no-one minded as the sun was shining( it always makes everything look better) We put the events shelter up (under instruction from Ade) & then nobody sat in it as the weather was so nice. There were some fabulous classic cars on display, we had to choose our favourites for prize giving later that day, not an easy thing to do as there were so many
beautiful vehicles, my favourite was a blue & white Ford Capri with a silver Marilyn Monroe on the back parcel shelf, but there were so many that deserved to win.
There were quite a few lovely craft stalls, I tried to buy something but the
stallholders card reader wouldn’t work (one way of saving money, don’t take a cheque book), there was an excellent Jazz Singer, the brilliant Tiverton Town Band, the gardens & herbaceous borders were beautiful & there was an interesting costume display in the house with some old Pathe News films about the
development of coloured dyes and fashion. For afternoon tea Sonia had made a cake for us all to share, it was delicious, & Ade & Val brought Pimms, in all a very enjoyable day spent with friends in lovely surroundings, what could be
Club AGM 2016

After another busy year the Club AGM was held on 2nd March. As previously advertised it was Tony’s last chance to take charge of proceedings before he disbanded the previous Committee and stood down as our Chairman after a highly successful 3 years at the helm. Alan had been ‘volunteered’ by the out-going Committee members to take over as our new Chairman, which left a void as Events Secretary a job that Alan has managed so well for quite a few years. With little surprise Ade was elected to replace Alan, who will be a hard act to follow. The re-shuffle continued as Alison had decided to stand down as Secretary after 3 years tirelessly keeping the Committee members in check and the Club records straight. Pam and Sonia stepped up as Secretary and Treasurer respectively and Howard replaced Clive as Vice Chairman as he and Wendy’s moving plans are now firming up with the impending completion of their new home in Chichester. They have been exceptional Club Members over the last 10 years, always willing to come forward whenever a Write Up was required or to provide a quiz for a Monthly Meeting, they will be sorely missed and there is no doubt that they will quickly become a central part of their new MGOC. Mike and Julie are also on the move albeit significantly further afield as they head Down Under to Australia in the summer where we wish them well and so Janis has been elected as Members Rep 2 leaving just Noel as the only unchanged Committee member at Members Rep 1.
Having elected the new Committee, Alan’s first task was to present some gifts on behalf of the membership to the outgoing members to thank them for all of their efforts over the years and then Chair the first meeting of this new phase in the Club’s history.
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