Sunday 17 November
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Prescott Speed Hillclimb 01-06-03

The omens for the Healey and I doing well at Prescott this year, were not at all promising.

The night before the event, a lady driver in a BMW saw fit to drive into the back of the Healey while it was stationary, minding it's own businesss, parked adjacent to petrol pump. Luckily damage was confined to rear reversing spot lamp.
Then, enroute to Prescott, 5.45 am Sunday morning, thinking I've got Watford one -way system to myself, I get pulled over by Herfordshire's finest.

Do you have any idea what speed you were just doing, sir?

Er no, not exactly, speedo needle wavers, 40 year old car, etc, etc

We've just clocked you doing 65 mph


Sir it's Sunday morning, Watford city centre is still full of drunks from the night before - not a good idea to go haring round here like a complete lunatic, is it?
(I resist asking him, when is a good time)

You're absoluley right officer, whatever was I thinking of?

Who's this Sam Remo Raiders lot anyway

Er, fund raising and sometime road racing team -

What are these two names on the car?

Who are you Spindle or Schon?

Right then Mr Schon, we'll let you off you this time, but????..

Prescott was loveley as usual, and the fine weather bought out entusiastic crowds.
The Healey's all new braking system, ideal conditions and my optimistic driving approach resulted in a super time of 56.43 secs, just 3 secs off the all time record for a Healey. Quite a big improvement over last years personal best of 59.07 and now bettering the personal best of the Healey's previous owner.
It was a very exciting ride and by all accounts right on the limit. I will have to refit the LSD to improve further.
Also Richard Mason set a new Healey record at just under 53 secs in his 260 bhp monster. Typical you get near to him , then he moves the goalposts.
The motor journalist and broadcaster Simon Taylor was there in his famous HWM Stovebolt special and Peter Stevens, the well known car designer was there having a go in a Ford special.
In all, perfect conditions a happy day for most competitors.

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