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The Lalique Mascot Collectors' Club

If you want to find out any more about the club, either give me a call, send me an email or come along to one our clubnights.

Geoffrey George Weiner hon's.
The Lalique Mascot Collector's Club at the White Lion Garage
Clarendon Place
Kemp Town
Brighton BN2 1JA
Please note that you may now freely post comments on the comments board of the member's area without having to go through a security process, just click onto 'guestbook'. However please note that we will not tolerate unsolicited advertising and spam!
Please note that pre-arranged visitors are subject to CCTV both outside & inside the premises. However the images are never given to any third party (apart from the emergency services in certain circumstances) and fully comply with the Data Protection Act where English law applies.
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Office: 01273 622722 and mobile: 07890 836734
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