Wednesday 26 September
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Throughout the year we attend events and rallies, both on the Island and Mainland. In the past the group have even taken some of their cars over to France for a short break.
In November 2005, the Group were featured in the 'Antiques Roadshow' programme that was recorded on the Island earlier in that year.
Our ladies actively support these activities and are an essential part of our success.
As of March 2018, we now have 88 members and somw 40 active partners.
A breakdown of vehicles that we have in the Club (March 2018), shows that there are,
Austin 7s – 42
American Austin - 2
Austin Big 7s - 1
Austin 10s – 28
Other pre-war Austins, e.g. 12/4, 16/6 etc. - 12
Post war Austins – 24
There are 5 non car owning members.
In addition to the 108 Austins in the Club, between them, members also own 78 other ‘classic’ vehicles, including a 1922 Rolls-Royce Siver Ghost and a 1923 Rover Coup.
The month started in the same way as July, really hot, but changes were afoot! The next three Sunday mornings were to be wet but not too cool. In spite of the weather, all events were well attended by members but, as usual during August, this did vary with members being away or entertaining family visitors.
Talking of the hot weather here, our American members, the Bells who live in Arizona, commented - ‘We know 30 deg C is hot for you. We look forward to that temperature. Our night time average temperature won't get that "cool" till the end of August. It is currently in the mid 40s!’
During the month, I had a telephone call from somebody who lives near Salisbury. He had bought the 1933 Austin 7 Cambridge (XSL 9620), shown, at a recent Richard Edmund auction. He wondered if I knew anything about the car as the seller lived on the Island. Has anybody seen it here?
There are two big events looming. Firstly, the IOW International Classic Car Extravaganza, over the weekend of 16th/17th September. This year it co-incides with the RREC IOW tour, when some 50 Rolls Royce cars will be spending the weekend on the Island. On the Friday, when their owners are having lunch at the Royal Yacht Squadron, the cars will be on display on the sea front. Later they motor to the Bembridge Coast Hotel, for their weekend stay. On Sunday, 17th, the cars will be parked along the Ryde sea front, as part of the Classic Car Extravaganza.
The second big event is the Classic Car Show, at Osborne House, on Sunday 23rd. It has been suggested that those who want to, dress up to match the age of their vehicle.
Our annual Christmas Dinner will take place at the Island Sailing Club, Cowes, on Monday, December 10th. This year it is being organized by Brian Stone and more details will be given in the November Newsletter.
Looking to the future can you please think about putting a motor related article together for me, for inclusion in future Newsletters, otherwise the norm will be a 4 page Newsletter. As I have said before, it can relate to some of your motoring experiences or what you are getting up to in your‘workshop’. Possibly, just give me a few notes to help me put something together.
Aug. 5th. In a way it was a rather quiet morning, with only 6 Austins and 3 classics at Godshill. It was hot but there was a refreshing breeze. David Lyle was there again with his A30, but now sporting a nicely chromed radiator.
Later most of us motored to Cowes, where we were looked after at the home of Chris and
Hazel Jenkins. It was there that 3 Austins and a classic joined us. 36 members descended on them and, as usual, they spoilt us by providing a nice range of cakes to accompany tea and coffee. We were well protected from the sun by a gazebo and umbrellas. This was the second day of Cowes week and glimpses were to be had of some of the competing yachts. Many of us had brought a picnic and it was so nice to see Mike and Helen Howell join in with us. All very relaxing until it was time to go home. Thank you Chris and Hazel for your hospitality.
Aug 12th. A very wet day was forecast, but in the end, it was not too bad. Our venue for the day was Sandown Airport where the Island Jaguar Enthusiasts Club were holding their annual classic car show. Last year’s show was so good and this was an event that many of us were looking forward to. In a way the very pessimistic forecast did not really materialise. At 10.00 a.m. there was drizzle in the air but it was warm with glimses of the sun. According to the forecast it should have been raining hard. I decided to use the A35 and motored through light drizzle to Godshill. In the end there were 3 Austins, a classic and a lot of moderns there. 26 of us retired to the Old Smithy for coffee when it started to rain quite heavily. When it eased off 3 cars made a token appearance at the Airport. Fortunately there were quite a few cars there, mostly Jaguars, many of which had come over from the Mainland. We wandered around in the drizzle and spent some time in the new ‘Wight Aviation Museum’. These are early days for it, but the intention is tell the amazing story of over 100 years of aviation history on the Island. There was to be another period of rain and that is when we left. After lunch the weather improved a lot. Where was the predicted thunderstorm? Unfortunately not many holiday makers turned up and it is at times like this that one feels for the organisors.
Aug. 19th. Another disappointing day, weatherwise, with strong winds and persistent drizzle. However, we had a reasonable turn out of cars with 9 Austins and 7 of our classics and quite a few moderns in the Godshill car park. It was nice to see Stan and Carolyne’s A 12/4 Burnham make it’s first appearance at Godshill in their hands. It is many years since the car was last seen there. After the usual interaction between members, in light drizzle, it was time to move off to our refreshment venue, the nearby Donkey Sanctuary. We were made most welcome and they had reserved an area for some 24 of us to enjoy drink, ‘naughties for some, and good company.
Aug, 26th. The third consecutive wet Sunday morning! With persistent rain and strong winds, the conditions were not conducive to using our older cars,. Thirteen members made it to Godshill, with only Brian Stone’s Austin 16/6 Newbury present. We all gathered in the Old Smithy Café for refreshments, before four of those present decided to motor to Chessil Pottery, the scheduled refreshment venue. As was to be expected, those from the middle and west of the Island went there directly. In the end there were 29 members there plus, car wise, another Austin and a Riley. Being a Bank Holiday, it was very busy on the Island roads with holidaymakers taking to the road in the wet conditions looking for indoor attractions and places to eat. In addition there were a lot of scooters ‘buzzing’ around for their annual get together here.

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