Thursday 21 March
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Throughout the year we attend events and rallies, both on the Island and Mainland. In the past the group have even taken some of their cars over to France for a short break.
In November 2005, the Group were featured in the 'Antiques Roadshow' programme that was recorded on the Island earlier in that year.
Our ladies actively support these activities and are an essential part of our success.
As of March 2019, we now have 95 members and some 40 active partners.
A breakdown of vehicles that we have in the Club (March 2019), shows that there are,
Austin 7s – 47, American Austin – 2, Big 7 – 1, Austin 10 – 26, Other pre-war Austins, e.g. 12/4, 16/6 etc. – 11, Post WW2 Austins – 18.
In addition to the 106 Austins in the Club, between them, members also own 82 other ‘classic’ vehicles
The weather wasn’t particularly good during January. This resulted in a smaller number than usual of our ‘real’ cars on the road. What was particularly pleasing was the number of members meeting up at Godshill on Sunday mornings - well over 30.
Mike Howell has been far from well recently and has had a spell of respite care in the Mountbatten Hospice. He has received visits from many members. At least two members have undergone cataract surgery recently and as one said to me, he can now see more body flaws on his Austin!
During the month we welcomed two new members, Stuart and Celia Wells. They own a very nice 1934 Morris 8 but Stuart is now looking for an Austin 7 van to restore, or maybe a rolling chassis on to which he can build a body. Already, they have met up with us on several occasions.
Another new member is Peter and Ruth Taylor’s son, Darren. He is currently in the process of building a ‘Rod Yates’ Ulster bodied Special, on a 1934 Ruby chassis.
Several members have taken the opportunity to go abroad, to look for better weather! Chris Broom and Bryan Mayers have recently been in Spain and whilst there visited the Malaga Motor Museum. They spotted two Austin Sevens there, a Chummy and one identified as a
‘Priests’ Coupe.
The Museum is well recommended as not only does it display cars, but most of the exhibits have the clothing of the era beside them.
On the car front, Stan and Carolyne Brading have recently bought a 1935 Austin 7 AAK tourer. A stablemate for their 1925 A12/4 Pick Up and 1928 A12/ Burnham. The car was originally registered in Northhampton. I believe it belonged to a member of the A7OC Ridgeway section.
Jack Allen, having sold his A7 van to Mike Hutton has now bought a 1932 A7 RN Saloon from Michael Green, a former member of the Club.
The latest 'new' car to the Island is Bryan Shaw’s 1938 A10/4 Conway Cabriolet. He used a company, with which he was very pleased, called to get it from Ashbourne, in Derbyshire, to the Island.
Feb. 3rd. Following the coldest night of the year a number of our 'real' cars did make it to Godshill. However, many members decided to use their moderns, as quite a lot of roads had been salted and others were very icy in places. In the car park were 6 Austins and 3 classics. Once again there were some 40 members present and, later, 34 of them were to be seen in the Dairyman’s Daughter, at Arreton Barns, enjoying their morning refreshments in a very sunny and warm conservatory.
Feb. 10th. On a very damp morning, only 2 Austins were to be seen in the Godsill car park, Brian Stone's 12/4 Clifton and Tony Dymott's A7 van. It was a quick retreat to the Old Smithy Café where 33 members were to be seen. Later, many motored to the Wight Mouse Inn, at Chale, for more refreshments.
Feb. 17th. For a change, a really sunny morning! We had 14 Austins and 5 classics on the road, with 11 of the Austins at Godshill. Appearing there for the first time was the Austin 10/4 Conway, recently acquired from Derbyshire by Bryan Shaw. Bryan, a long term member of the Club has been looking out for the right Austin for quite a long time and he has now bought a really nice car. Also present at Godshill was Ken Tully and his family. They had come over to the Island to celebrate his 80th birthday. Ken, who lives near Brighton has owned a number of Austins including a 1932 Box Saloon and a 1938 Big Seven. His son decided to surprise him by bringing him along to Godshill to see our cars and meet many of our Seven owners. David Yates kindly gave Ken and his wife the Austin 7 experience again by taking them out in his 1937 Austin 7 Ruby. In the meantime, most of the members present retired to the Café for refreshments. Later, those who had booked in for a Sunday lunch, motored to the Horse and Groom, at Ningwood, where we met up with several members who live in the West Wight. Once again, we were allocated the conservatory area, which was just big enough for the 36 of us who arrived there. (I have since received a Card from Ken, thanking the Club and David. Ed)
Feb 24th. The warmest day of the year so far and, as to be expected, the largest gathering of cars and members at Godshill. There were 16 Austins and 6 classics in the car park and 2 more Austins were to join us later. There were quite a few Sevens present, as Chris Garner the Chairman of the Austin Seven Clubs Association, had hoped to join us for the morning. Unfortunately, he had to cancel as his wife was unwell. It was just nice standing around in the sun and having a good old natter. Quite a few members stayed at Godshill, whilst others made their way to the Breeze, at Island Harbour, for morning refreshments. Being so warm, it was nice to see 39 members enjoying them outside in the sun.

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