Monday 16 July
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Throughout the year we attend events and rallies, both on the Island and Mainland. In the past the group have even taken some of their cars over to France for a short break.
In November 2005, the Group were featured in the 'Antiques Roadshow' programme that was recorded on the Island earlier in that year.
Our ladies actively support these activities and are an essential part of our success.
As of March 2018, we now have 88 members and somw 40 active partners.
A breakdown of vehicles that we have in the Club (March 2018), shows that there are,
Austin 7s – 42
American Austin - 2
Austin Big 7s - 1
Austin 10s – 28
Other pre-war Austins, e.g. 12/4, 16/6 etc. - 12
Post war Austins – 24
There are 5 non car owning members.
In addition to the 108 Austins in the Club, between them, members also own 78 other ‘classic’ vehicles, including a 1922 Rolls-Royce Siver Ghost and a 1923 Rover Coup.
Many of those members who knew Jan Dymott attended her Funeral on Friday, June 1st.
A procession of old cars and motorcycles followed a 1929 Guy lorry adapted as a Hearse, from Lake to the Church, in Binstead, where the funeral service was held. Immediately behind it was the Austin Seven van that played an important part in her life. This was driven by Mike Hutton, who built it several years ago. This was followed by two more Austins. The lorry has an interesting history. It has spent most of its working life on a farm in Australia before coming back to the UK.
Louis Henry is currently in the Southampton General Hospital undergoing further investigation and treatment after losing mobility below his waist and is now forced to use a self-propelled wheelchair. As most of us know, Louis has been undergoing cancer treatment for some time now but has always made good use of his Austin 7 Nippy, even driving it in bad weather conditions when some of us resorted to using moderns! As recently as June 3rd that he was still driving he Nippy. Life can be so cruel at times but typical of Louis, he is generally quite perky despite everything. His wife, Merry, has asked me to let you know that if you happen to be near Southampton, Louis would welcome a visit. Before doing so, please contact her to check that he will be in the ward (D2), so that it's not a wasted visit.
Mike Howell is still having chemotherapy and it is so nice to see him at some of our Sunday morning meetings, but he is having a very hard time at the moment. We wish them both well
During the month, we welcomed new members Richard Coles and Philippa Militello. Richard is looking for an Austin 20 or, possibly, a 1920s A12/4. His first car was, I believe, an Austin 10/4. His ambition is to sell his large boat and, when the right car comes along, to tour the UK and Continent with it.
I have recently received an e-mail and pictures from our American members, Mike and Verda Bell. Mike writes ‘I took our car to our Auto Restoration Club to adjust the brake cable. Whilst it was on the lift, a friend took a picture of Verda in the car. No, it is not on top of the mini-van! After being on a waiting list since last December, we had our American Austin Roadster re-upholstered and the top cover made for it’
On June 7th, member John Ackroyd, the man behind Thrust 2 and one of the world’s very first electric cars, was given the Freedom of Ryde.
If you wish to attend the Osborne House Classic Car Display, on Sunday, 23rd September , then please ask me for a Registration Form, These have to be in by 31st July
June 3rd. What a lovely sunny day and what a great turnout of cars, 15 Austins and 7 classics. Amongst the Austins was the 1928 Austin 7 Tourer belonging to members Roger and Verity West. They live on Hayling Island and decided to come over for the day. The cost of the Wightlink Day Return - 90! Once again, plenty of coach passengers came over to look at our cars before most of us motored to Monkey World, near Newport, for our morning refreshments. Several members went directly and it was nice to see Mike Howell amongst them. Being so nice, all 31 of us sat outside to enjoy our refreshments.
June 10th. The dry weather continues! Although cloudier than last week, there were 7 Austins and 6 classics at Godshill. Later, some of these cars motored to the West Bay Country Club, near Yarmouth. As was to be expected, those members who live in the West Wight went there directly in their cars. I understand that some 20 members enjoyed their refreshments in very pleasant surroundings.
June 17th. After a week of largely fine and sunny days, the day was a disappointment being cloudy with a cool wind blowing. This might have accounted for a rather smaller turnout than usual, with 9 Austins and 7 classics at Godshill. After the usual catching up on Austin and other matters 29 members went to the Buddle Inn, at Niton, for morning refreshments. New member Richard Coles was there and he enjoyed the trip to Niton, where he lives, in Trevor Bonner-Williams 1929 Austin 12/4. For those of us who had packed a picnic, the Wakefields invited us to picnic in their nearby garden. As it was rather dampish 18 of us enjoyed food and good company, sitting under two gazebos that had been used the previous day. Was Billy looking for some help?! Well he got it! Becoming drier, we all helped him to dismantle the gazebos, but not without a few problems!
June 24th. Firstly, can I apologise for the confusion that arose about what was scheduled for the day. Until 3 days ago, we all thought that we would be attending the St. Helens Fayre. However quite by chance, with no contact from the organisers, I found out that the event had been postponed to the following Sunday. Why? Because it clashed with the Isle of Wight Festival. I wonder when that decision was made? None of the car Clubs, who normally attend the event were contacted about the change! A day before going on holiday I then tried to contact as many members as possible, either by phone or e-mail, to tell them not to go to Godshill. Apparently, a few cars did go there. The only thing for them to do was to visit the Car Boot Sale on the lower green. To those that went, again my apologies, but at least you did give your cars a run out.
With little time to organise an alternative venue, the message went out, go to Godshill as usual and then do your own thing.
I understand that 12 cars went to Godshill, with some members staying locally and others going to Thompsons Garden Centre. On my return from holiday, there was a recorded message on my phone, from one of the organisers, asking how many cars would be attending St Helens on the following Sunday. I replied, possibly none, as we shall all be at the VHVC Vintage and Classic Car Show at Arreton Barns.

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