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Hillman Enthusiasts and Preservation Society

As you can tell from our title we are a club dedicated to not taking ourselves too seriously and just enjoying our less than perfect cars, which range from a 1936 Hillman Minx 10hp, through to a 1961 Sunbeam Harrington onto a 1966 Hillman Superminx estate and a 1972 Hillman Avenger
It is open to any enthusiast of Hillman and Rootes vehicles and you don't have to be present owners,just enthusiasts.We support each others projects with practical help and advice and sourcing spares etc. We dont have committees or a chairman,treasurer etc and the only organisation we do is to decide which shows we attend and with how many cars.The club is mainly internet based and communication with other members is done through their own e-mail addresses or via heaps_uk@yahoo.co.uk There is no membership or joining fee.
We have also saved several Hillmans from the scrapheap and found a home for them including
the latest a 1954 mkV Minx which has gone to a new home in BELGIUM!!!
If you know of any Hillman that needs a home or is destined for the breakers we may be able to find a new home for it>
We have also saved a vehicle in Belgium and brought it home for restoration,its a 1974 Dodge (commer)PB2500 it was in a barn where it had been for the last 4 years and it has only 10000km on the clock.It was an auxillary fire service van with a local retained fire station and our hope is to retain as much of its originality as possible.At least i wont have any problems any more getting furniture etc home from ikea!!
We also have members with non rootes vehicles, who at one time had a hillman but have moved on, these range from a wolesley 6/110, 1949 cadilac through to an A35 van
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