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TR Register Essex Group

The Essex Group of the TR Register was formed in 1973 and over the years has been one of the most active groups within the TR Register. We particularly pride ourselves in having a high percentage of sidescreen car owners among our members, although all new members are welcome whatever the car or it's condition.
We pride ourselves in being able to offer something to all types of TR owners, whatever their particular interest. Listed below are some of the activities Essex Group members regularly participate in.
Motorsport: Members regularly compete in both race and sprint events, the group collectively has a wealth of knowledge in this area.
Shows: The group has a stand at many public events throughout the summer months. If showing off your car is what you want, we're the group for you.
Social Events: Social events are held throughout the year, from days when you can bring the whole family along, through to our legendary weekends away where you can let your hair down and not have to drive home.
Technical Knowledge: Wot we don't know about TR's ain't worth knowing, mate.
So as you can see TR Essex Group is the group for you.
For further details please go to www.essex-tr.org
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