Friday 22 February
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Anniversary Information:
SIZERGH CASTLE, home of the Strickland family for hundreds of years and now run by the NATIONAL TRUST for the benefit of the general public was the venue for the TR REGISTER?s CUMBRIA GROUP 10th Anniversary Celebrations on Sunday 16th June.
CUMBRIA GROUP, founded by Neville Theaker in 1992, is part of a world wide network of enthusiasts of TRIUMPH ROADSTER (TR) sports cars, from the early TR2s of the 1950s to the relatively sophisticated TR7s and TR8s of the 1980s.
About 150 to 160 guests of the Group, all either members, prospective members or just interested were invited to spend the day at Sizergh Castle, to enjoy the splendour of the castle, the tranquillity of the lake and gardens, savour the flavours of a free lunch (honest), have free entry to the superb raffle and last but not least, marvel at the stunning machines displayed for inspection outside the castle entrance. In all, some 56 TRs attended on the day.
Many thanks have gone to many people for the success of the day but it must be said again, Christine and her Team excelled in their efforts to produce such a marvellous picnic for so many people. Thankyou Ladies.
I?d also like to add a special thankyou to those guests who travelled many miles to be there. Register members from other groups for example, Pauline Hulme from and Lawrie and Ann Green with their concourse TR2 to mention but a few.
And finally, no day can really be claimed to be great without the weather! In the North West, as usual, it was as unpredictable as ever. Overcast in the morning, it was threatening its worst, but by lunch time the sun burst through and was cracking the flags (well, almost). Real picnic weather and everyone made the most of it. Then, just after the raffle, gently at first, like the ghost of Sizergh Castle, the rain came to steal our day. So, the tents came down the bunting was packed and by 5.30 it was raining cats and dogs. But we had the best of it, Ha Ha!
John has prepared a souveniour folder all about Sizergh, see at the AGM.
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