Friday 22 February
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We received this on 18 March 2008 - if anyone is interested, contact Jonney directly
Good afternoon,
I'm writing from a company called Twofour Broadcast ( We're currently making a television series for a major television channel that revolves around our presenter driving 1958 era classic cars around the leisure routes of the British Isles, as described in motoring guide books of that period. The series, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the first motorway being built in the UK, will showcase some of the most beautiful parts of our country.
We're looking for cars that would have been driven in 1958 (or thereabouts) that are road worthy and could be driven by our presenter along these routes, which range from about 10 to 50 miles. We're looking for six cars and will need each car for about five days filming in the early summer of 2008 (dates and locations are not yet finalised).
It's a great opportunity to showcase your car, so if you?d like to know more, please email me at
I'd be grateful if you could pass this email on to your members, print a request in a newsletter or put a post on your forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards,
Jonney Steven
Twofour Broadcast
HOORAY - we have won photo of the week - that is fantastic!!!
I don't know who took it, probably Steve, but its of the Borders weekend at Dumfries Aviation Museum. Some beautiful cars in front of beautiful aircraft!!
28 October 2007
Yes the pics are looking a bit old, please send me LOTS of new ones for inclusion. E-mail (jpeg format) preferred and with some notes on the date, location and any other important bits of info that can be included.
Thank you, Steve for the latest additions - I guessed the aviation museum was Dumfries - hope I got it right!
Come on, let's have more and see if we can win Photo of the Week!
23 October 2007

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