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Le Chateau Challenge
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The Le Chateau Challenge 20th and 21st September 2002 is a competition in five main parts. Each part allows teams to win points, with the overall leader at each section being awarded the 'Yellow Jersey' (of Tour de France fame) - and those in last place being awarded the 'cheeses' - to be carried until the next points competition!
The competition is made up of the total of the following-
The number of Chateau visited. Each entrant is given a logbook containing details of over 40 Grand Chateaux that take part. It is now up to teams to plot and plan their route to visit as many as possible and get 'stamps' in their log-books. No team can possibly visit them all, and different venues have different values - just to add to the calculations. Teams must also respect the time, as they are duty bound to be at certain locations at exact times to compete in the 'special stages'.
The second part of the challenge is the Wine and Cheese Tasting Test. This takes place at the end of day one, at a Chateau near Saumur. Each year is different; last year it involved trying to spoyt the English wine from amongst various local varieties - (which all found easy!) to trying to expose a very cheap (but fruity!) local supermarche wine from it's more illustrious fellows (a test many failed!).
Third part of the 'challenge' is the 'drive skills' test in the car park at Chateau Saumur. Last year saw open top vehicles driving around a water balloon course trying to pop balloons of a certain colour with a lance!
Fourth test is an 'antiques hunt' - objecs, which can be handled to try and guess their age, use and country of origin.
The Fifth test is our 'historical cultural quiz' with advantage in terms of answers to those teams that spend some time in chateaux rather than zipping between them all.
The eventual winners, in different prize categories - are crowned as 'Kings of the Castle' at Chateau Brissac shortly after the 'end of event dinner'.
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