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Rollover Jig for MGB (A frame type)
150- Sandra Harris 01633 892693
MGB bits either new or refurbished;
AHH6103 Side moulding kit
BHA4628 Indicator switch
HZA403A Footwell repair panel
HZA404A Footwell repair panel
TKA5005 Trim kit (blk/red piping)
Speedo cowl
Petrol hose kit
Water hose kit
Seat runner screws
Trim board screws
Fuse box
Fuel tank sender unit
Overiders (4)
Battery clamps
Qtr finishers
Headlamp 'P' clips
Screws for gear surround
Hub cap (new oe)
Interior door handles and winders
Seat runners
Washer bottle, jets and pump
Rear lights
Dashboard crash roll (blk)
Dashboard top trim (blk)
Sun visors x2
Battery cover
Battery leads and earth straps
Battery box bottom rubbers
Radiator hoses and elbow
Radiator drain valve
Radiator cap
Rear qtr. Panel fixings
Rear seat fixings
Rear seat back and floor fixings
Carpet and rear seat fixings
Steering column mountings
Roof trim clips (rear)
Rear seat turnbuckles
Water pump to heater pipe (copper)
Battery lead clips
Oil pressure pipe mountings
Fan mountings
Alternator support brackets
Fan and pulley
Brake and clutch pedals
Fuel pipe guard (engine bay)
Air filters (original saucepan type
Heater assembly complete
Steering column
Tailboard fixings
Hub caps
Fuel filler and hoze
Headlamp connectors
Radiator stays
Side trim fixings
Rear bumper fixing irons
Number plate brackets and grill buffers
Gear leaver blanking plate
Accelerator pedal
Indicator switch housing
Glove box
Heater control cables
Fuel guage
Choke cable
Dash fixings
Carburettors (professionally rebuilt with h'book))
Inlet manifold
Headlamp units (several)
Non overdrive gearbox
Wire wheel rear axle (no halfshafts or hubs)
Wire wheels x5
Pedal Box Frame Assembly
Pedal Box cover
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