Triumph (Standard Motor Company)

After the second world war John Black, owner of Standard Motor Company acquired the Triumph name and his company became the “Standard Triumph Company". The first TR was introduced in 1953 – the Triumph TR2. – a robust sports car which could top 100 miles per hour. The year 1955 saw the introduction of the Triumph TR 3 , the first production car with factory fitted disk brakes at front. The TR 2 design was slightly changed and a new radiator grille introduced. In 1957 the Triumph TR3a was presented. The grille was changed again, making it wider, the headlamps were placed a little further back and door handles were fitted. They later introduced the Triumph TR 3b with a larger cylinder capacity for the engine.

When Italian designer Michelotti came on the scene after the new partnership between Standard Triumph and Leyland, the Triumph TR4 was born. TR 3b mechanics, but a completely different car by design. In 1964 the TR 4a was introduced with Independent Rear Suspension. This was followed in 1967 by the six cylinder Triumph TR 5, the first car factory fitted with a petrol injection system.

Then, in 1968, after a collaboration with the Karmann company, the Triumph TR 6 was created. A new, more aggressive, modern look for the TR. The TR 6 was to become Triumph’s best seller ever and was built until the end of production in 1976.

In the seventies competition got tougher and Triumph tried to compete by introducing the wedge shaped Triumph TR 7 in 1975, but they only fitted the car with a four cylinder engine. 1980 saw the introduction of the Triumph TR 8, a TR 7 convertible with the Rover V8 engine. Finally the right package, but too late, as bankruptcy forced Triumph to close the factory gate.

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