Henry Ford, born 1863 in Detroit, Michigan, was more influential than any other single person for changing the idea of an automobile from being a toy for rich people into a reliable, mass-produced form of transport for the masses. After an engineering apprenticeship, he first worked for Westinghouse, servicing steam engines. Later, while working for Edison, he earned enough money to build his own self-propelled vehicle – the Ford Quadricycle – in 1896. In 1899 he left the Edison company and founded the Detroit Automobile Company, but the vehicles produced were high priced and low quality and the Company was disolved in 1901. Later that year he successfully built and raced a 26hp automobile and with other shareholders from the old Detroit Automobile Company, formed the Henry Ford Company. Due to a dispute with shareholders, Ford left the company and the name was changed to the Cadillac Automobile Company in 1902. He then formed a new partnership and the Ford Motor Company was established in 1903. Their first car the Ford 999 set up a land speed record of 91.3 mph. made the Ford name known throughout the USA. The Model T was introduced in 1908. It was simple to drive and easy and cheap to repair. By 1918, half of all cars in America were Model T's. He built his first overseas factory in Manchester, UK in 1911. In 1927, with sales flagging due to competition, the Ford Model A was produced.. Leading up to the war years the cars introduced were the Ford Model Y in the UK in 1932, the Lincoln-Zephyr in 1935 and the Continental in 1939. After the war and the death of Henry Ford and of his son Edsel, there was a constant succession of new models as new blood was introduced into the company in the design and engineering departments which has continued to the present day.

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