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The BrmmBrmm Classic Network (BBCN) is an on-line community of nearly 100 classic car clubs, supported with free web services by our sponsors. Membership is free (click for information). We offer clubs a free website, which any club member can update easily using our very simple website administration tool. We also maintain a bi-monthly newsletter featuring news from member clubs as well as upcoming events of classic car related events of interest to the enthusiast or day tripper.
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Photo Of The Week!

Well done Tamar Valley MG Owners Club

* * * * * * * * * Hilary on the New Forest Run 2014 * * * * * * * *

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Hilary MG B GT. Getting a bit wet!

We'd like to congratulate Tamar Valley MG Owner's Club, who are 31 years old this year. They have been with the BrmmBrmm Classic Network now for quite a few years, and have accumulated almost 400,000 page views to their site! Quite an achievement. If you'd like to contribute a few page views of your own, visit their site http://www.brmmbrmm.com/tvmgoc

Another item of news is that we're currently working with web designers Griffen Mill Pixel Factory to create some new website styles for members of BrmmBrmm Classic Network. Its a been a few years since we updated the styles, so a few new looks would no doubt go down rather well.